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June 27, 2008

Patagonia: Land of Explorers and Adventurers with

Patagonia: Land of Explorers and Adventurers

Patagonia is a land where nature manifests itself in awe-inspiring granite peaks, rolling plains, and vast Andean ice fields. It is a land of discoverers, including Sarmiento de Gamboa and Magellan, and adventurers like Antoine Orllie I, the self-proclaimed emperor of Araucania and Patagonia.

The isolation of Patagonia offered a refuge for immigrants from European nations. The Welsh arrived in the 1800’s and settled the barren land, which at the time was populated by fierce Indian tribes. The Welsh are still a strong presence in Patagonia. Towns and cities such as Trelew, Madryn and Trevelyn were founded by those pioneers.

Further south is the Island of Tierra del Fuego, with its virgin forests and rugged peaks. Patagonia is also a paradise for fly fishing, where the sea-run brown trout reach almost 30 pounds in weight. This is a land of pure rivers and glacial lakes. Many of our clients enjoy horseback riding, trekking and bird watching here. Patagonia is a rewarding destination for all those adventurous enough to explore it.

“Why then—and this is not only my particular case—does this barren land possess my mind?…I find it hard to explain…but it might partly be because it enhances the horizons of imagination.” – Charles Darwin

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