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February 10, 2011

Iguazu Falls Argentina And Brazil JESS Kalinowsky Friends Travel LLP

Iguazu Falls, Argentina And Brazil
(Photo: Thinkstock/@GettyImages)

Iguazu Falls, Argentina And Brazil

With cascading waterfalls taller than Niagara Falls and a love story that rivals Romeo and Juliet, Iguazu Falls is the perfect place to fall in love all over again. Legend has it that Guarani tribesmen would sacrifice young virgins to appease a monstrous serpent named Boi that inhabited the river. One day a warrior named Taroba fell in love with the chosen offering, Naipi, and the two ran off together. Boi, seeing the lovers escape, lashed its mighty tail and split the river, forever separating them and creating the Iguazu Falls. Whether the story is true or not, you and your loved one can stand together and witness the glory of more than 270 falls shared by Brazil and Argentina.

There is an array of accommodations in the nearby city of Puerto Iguazu.


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I have walked the Fall’s , I have explored from a rubber raft in the River, I have flown over the Falls,

and trust me when I say this, Iguazu Falls is truly one of the most amazing places on the PLANET!
JESS Kalinowsky, Professional Travel Consultant


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